Twins Star Earrings

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One of a kind hand made sterling silver earring set .

The story of the earring is I started making them when I felt emotional, looked at the stars and the moon, the sky always makes me feel safe and peaceful.

I ve been thinking to make something represents the center of the moon , the glass bead stone was made by an glass artist. We worked together with the color, and finally made a unique and beautiful bead. It shines even at night , but in the sun even more ! It has little sparkles in it like up in the sky.

The stars I have made with wax carving technique and casted in silver.

I hope this earring will also make you feel
It frees you from your worries because these earrings sing when you shake your head, the dance of metal and metal makes you focus in a positive way.


-Size of the glass 12 mm
- Length of the earring 43 mm
- Width 30 mm
- All piece is sterling silver
- Stud earrings price for the set

My style is organic and rustic. I pride myself on my attention to detail, however whilst I think attention to detail is important, I really don’t believe in perfection, I believe in handmade. So while you may find tool marks on my meticulously worked pieces, these are part of the blood, sweat and tears of creating**

This earrings are made by hand using traditional metalsmithing practices. Some tool used in the process of making this earrings are: wax carving, hammers, saws, torch, files, sandpaper, mallets, stamps and bezel pusher to name a few. It takes me hours to complete the setting for one stone. It’s a real labour of love.